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What drives you?

For most people, coffee would be a morning habit. You have a sip while breaking your fast. For some, though, coffee is so much more. Connoisseurs would only have the best beans, blends, grounds and brewing methods. Those in the BPO industries would take coffee to keep them awake in the ungodly hours of the day. Kids drink coffee as a social activity, and some folks will buy expensive branded coffee as a fashion statement.

My kids often ask me how many cups of coffee I drink in a day. Sometimes I surprise myself with my answer, because it’s very rare that I only take just one. Never mind if it’s the cheap instant coffee that comes from a packet or if it’s my preferred perfectly-ground, perfectly-brewed concoction. I make myself a cup as often as I sit in front of my computer to write and to work.

And that’s quite often, because in a day I would write in bursts for as long as my energy permits.

For me, coffee helps keep me awake and focused during those times. Perhaps it’s the caffeine. Perhaps it’s a psychological effect that having my favorite cup beside me brings. Or maybe it’s a bit of both.

So it becomes a question not only of how much I drink, but for also what reason. I drink because it helps me work. I like being focused at work because I know I have to earn a living. I earn a living for my family.

Because of this, drinking coffee is not only sustenance for oneself, but it now has a bigger purpose. One’s motivation for doing it is not only for the sake of the bitter-sweet taste, nor just for the stimulating effects. Nor just for the added productivity. You do it because you know it helps you do things better for those who matter in your life.

In anything you do, you have a motivation. The question is whether it is a good one, and if you are doing the things you do for the sake of the ones who are important.

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