Have You Grown Bored With Blogging?

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A recent study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project suggests that young people have grown bored with blogging.

Meanwhile, the use of social networking applications (except Twitter) has been on the rise. Is this yet another indication of a fickle population with a very short attention span?

While blogging among adults as a whole has remained steady, the prevalence of blogging within specific age groups has changed dramatically in recent years. Specifically, a sharp decline in blogging by young adults has been tempered by a corresponding increase in blogging among older adults.

Sometimes I ask myself why I still maintain several blogs. These days, I’m so busy I rarely get the chance to regularly post even on my main blogs. I remember the time last year when I promised myself to write at least one substantial post here each day. For a time, I succeeded. I often took a few minutes each morning to clear my mind, and try to meditate on the events of the previous or recent days. Or sometimes, I try to plot the direction I’d like my day to have. And then I would write.

Due to one reason or another, I got tired. And now I only get to post one to two articles per month. Still, I tell myself, better to write something nice and well thought-out rather than some dull, inconsistent, babble not worthy of a read.

I don’t think I’ve grown bored with blogging. Every day I still write. It’s a different kind of writing–definitely different from blogging. I do consider blogging as a medium, but writing still remains the primary activity. And so, while I have moved my focus away from using my blogs as a medium, I have not moved away from writing at all.

Or, perhaps, the fact that I don’t consider myself losing interest in blogging means I’m getting old.

3 thoughts on “Have You Grown Bored With Blogging?

  1. It really depends if you’re into it. When I started blogging it was just a journal and I don’t even care if I post or not.
    Now that, I have my fullest time on blogging, I never get bored on writing.
    So, this one may arise on the character of the person itself and availability.

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