Rethink Digg

I Might Just Start Using Digg Again

I was an early Digg user, and I have been both a big fan and critic of the social news site in its heyday. Digg has since lapsed into oblivion. After being branded the million-dollar baby, the site was sold for a whopping $500,000. But it seems like the new owner, Betaworks, knows just what to do with the brand. The new Digg v1 will not be a revision, nor an evolution. It will essentially resurrect the brand.

We want the new Digg to deliver the best of what the Internet is talking about right now. It must be alive and responsive to its participants. When we asked people in the v1 survey why they visit Digg, the overwhelming answer was to find, read and share great stories.

The new Digg is getting rid of fluff and is focusing on leading people to their destination. If Betaworks pulls this off, then I might just start using Digg again.

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