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What would it take for you to unplug from the system?

By system here, I mean something you are connected into. Something that has been so ingrained into your life that you cannot live without it.

To some, it’s a vice. For some, it could be a bad habit. For some, it could be an addiction.

In many cases, it can come in the form of something as mundane as a tool. A piece of software perhaps. Or a device. Or a social network.

Time and again, I unplug myself from the social network. For the past few months, I have been too engaged and involved, that I have found myself spending too much time in the network. This has become so much that I have run an entire business on the platform.

It seems I have become addicted to the involvement, engagement and power that the platform has given me in running said business.

In fact, the results were so good that I could hardly leave the platform alone anymore.

And then I realized that I have been living too much within the platform. I no longer have the necessary skills, habits and know-how in actually running the brick-and-mortar part of the business.

At one point or another, you will find the need to unplug. My own father unplugged from the social network when he realized the pitfalls of being too connected. We are humans, after all, and whatever ills and evils we have in real life inevitably manifest themselves in the digital realm, too — and vice versa.

The digital realm has turned our relationships into shallow, superficial and phony ones. What matters more are the real-world dealings and relationships that go in-depth. This can only be realized when you take time to unplug and unwire.

No we go out and explore.

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